Made You Look – Justin Zimmerman.
A boy. A garage. A monster. Featuring special effects by Academy Award-winner Chris Wales, and co-written by and introducing Kian.


Dear Satan – Lindsay Scanlan.
Always be sure to proofread your outgoing letters for typos!


The 99W – Kendra Jacobson.
A love letter to drive-in theaters and why independent cinema still matters as told through the multi-generational story of the 99W, one of three left in Oregon.


Canned – Justen Noll.
Three stages of production are intertwined as two siblings attempt to make a movie.


Delilah: Or, Dammit I Got My Wish – Angela Nordeng. Explores the consequences of a little girl wishing to be a mermaid when she grows up.


Geladuch – Dylan Jahnson.
Aliens come down to Earth to welcome themselves as friends, but a certain spacewoman believes that their video game is a ploy to destroy Earth.


Malignant – Devin Tau.
At a hotel for the super-elite, Scott’s 30 year wait to confront the ghost of his childhood pushes his sanity to the edge, provoking a drastic course of action.


The Joy Block – Joanie Fox.
Documents a thriving Samba community in Portland Oregon, nurtured and cultivated by a diverse group of 30 community musicians and dancers.


Dear Future Self – Ray Nomoto Robison.
A woman discovers a time capsule she created over 50 years earlier and a recording that helps her realize who she has become.