The Window – Elham Sepehrjou.
A maid girl and a window washer boy meet in front of a window, but life is so unexpected…


Love Tap – Joey Sparacino.
Teenage love inspires a creative way to meet to “the one”.


Switch – Cowan Jenkins.
Switch is the story of TJ Sneva, who built the very first pair of functional twin tip skis, and then promptly had his idea stolen.


unHEARD – Kian Doughty.
An elderly man wrestles with the past in a silent 16mm film written and directed by 8th grader Kian Doughty.


Alarm – Justen Noll. A dancer faces the trials and tribulations of coming to terms with an injury.


Tonight – Mark Roush. A young boy builds a time machine in his parent’s basement with the hope of rescuing his sister.


The Talk – Phillip A. Anderson. Marcelle has been living a lie and she knows it’s time to finally come out. Her words are bound to blindside her parents, but today, she has…the talk.


Alice in Nite Hawk – Devin Tau.
Friends are forced to navigate a new world when their tradition is disrupted, leaving them questioning their own existence.


TECHS: Show Blacks – Timothy Blackton.
A behind-the-scene tech and the art of blending into the backstage darkness.


The Michelle Experience – Jason Rosenblatt. A glimpse into the passion and artistry of violinist, singer, songwriter, and ambassador of folk music Michelle Alany.


State of Being – Gates Callanan.
A music video featuring music by Fernando Irizzary.


Lost Cause & Effect – Richard Sangeleer.
A film-essay about the white supremacist murders on a public train in Portland Oregon in 2017.


Word on the Street – Sean Parker.
For the duration of this creation, a pair of mobsters engage in a wordplay-filled conversation.


Natasha’s Voice – Zach Putnam.
After a traumatic brain injury, Natasha forms of Assistive Technology to lead an active social life and aspires to help others.