Currently Showing:

The Joy Block – Joanie Fox.
Documents a thriving Samba community in Portland Oregon, nurtured and cultivated by a diverse group of 30 community musicians and dancers.

Coming Attractions (Apr. 9th, 2021):

TECHS: Show Blacks – Timothy Blackton.
A behind-the-scene tech and the art of blending into the backstage darkness.

Past Showings:

Love Tap – Joey Sparacino.
Teenage love inspires a creative way to meet to “the one”.

Eve: The Prologue – Devin Tau. A day at the park takes a dark turn with the arrival of Eve, a young girl who may not be as innocent as she appears.

Alarm – Justen Noll. A dancer faces the trials and tribulations of coming to terms with an injury.

State of Being – Gates Callanan. A music video featuring music by Fernando Irizzary.

Dear Satan – Lindsay Scanlan. Always be sure to proofread your outgoing letters for typos!

Tonight – Mark Roush. A young boy builds a time machine in his parent’s basement with the hope of rescuing his sister.

The Window – Elham Sepehrjou.
A maid girl and a window washer boy meet in front of a window, but life is so unexpected…

The Oregon Trail – Zach Putnam.
This is a portrait of a family’s new life in America through the eyes of their young son.