Thomas and the Extraordinary Bathroom Incident – Brice Brown.
Thomas stumbles into another dimension while using the bathroom. An International Youth Silent Film Festival 1st place winner.


Mending – Seth Luke.
A woman copes with the miscarriage of her first pregnancy and befriends her troubled young neighbor.


Eve: The Prologue – Devin Tau.
A day at the park takes a dark turn with the arrival of Eve, a young girl who may not be as innocent as she appears.


Blink – Justen Noll.
After a chance meeting, two individuals in polar circumstances learn more about each other, and themselves.


The Force and the Fury – Jason Satterlund. A Jedi crash lands on a barren planet and is pursued by a mysterious Sith who seems to know him.


The Oregon Trail – Zach Putnam.
This is a portrait of a family’s new life in America through the eyes of their young son.


View Master Mind – Robert Schmeltzer.
A bored office worker is transported away when she looks into her Viewmaster. This is a music video by Harrison Garrison.


X-Treme Cereal – Dylan Jahnson.
This entry in the International Youth Silent Film Festival explores the power of breakfast cereal.


The Red Leaf – Kai Tillman.
A boy who lives in a small Cuban town creates a secret world to innocently explore his developing identity.


Mork Chop – Jason Rosenblatt.
When a man claiming to be from the future materializes on their farm, a husband and wife team up with the local sheriff to figure out what to do with him.


Niqi – Bryan Nelson.
A journey to transcend gender norms and artistic convention, resulting in an inspirational embrace of life.


The Shed – Montgomery Haines.
Evil Lurks Everywhere—even in Canby.